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Soft water plant

At Shree Aditya we have efficiently designed the soft water plant to eradicate high level of impurities of water. Soft water plant is highly efficient in removal of high grade impurities such as calcium, magnesium, sodium, iron and other impurities from water.

We manufacture soft water plants as per the upcoming requirements of soft water in various industries. We have maintained the quality standard for the soft water plant as per industrial requirement. We are a stop solution for your purification requirements. We manufacture best quality water plants that can better suit your essential requirements of water purification. We deliver best quality at reasonable price. We are among the top manufacturers and suppliers of purification plants present in India.

 We are known for the quality product delivered. Soft water plants are easy to install, easy to operate and highly durable. It has a long lasting service life and comes with low maintenance cost. Soft water plants are available in different sizes and materials, manually operated or fully Automatic, & ready to install. 

Process of soft water plant:

Soft water plant is charged with a high capacity polystyrene bead caution exchange resin in sodium form. When hard water is replaced through this resin column, the hardness of calcium and magnesium is replaced with sodium salts which do not possess any hardness. This process is continued until agents present in the sodium salt are exhausted.

Soft water plant is designed with advanced co current technology to provide consistent good quality soft water. Soft water plant consists of pre-filters, water softener vessel with resin, brine tank, and accessories. These plants are specifically designed to give long lasting trouble free service.

Various soft water plants offered by Shree Aditya are:

  • Industrial Soft Water Plant
  • Domestic Soft Water Plant
  • Soft Water Plant for garment and textile industries
  • Soft Water Plant for plastic molding machine
  • Soft Water Plant for home, flat, and apartments
  • Automatic Soft Water Plant and
  • Water Softening plant for cooling towers
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We can customize the soft water plant as per your filtration requirements. We are highly prioritized in the market for best quality product supplied at leading prices.

You can contact us anytime; we are available 24/7 online to provide hassle free service for your conventional requirements.