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Reverse Osmosis (RO) System

The reverse osmosis system is a cutting edge answer against the water impurities, manufactured with the utmost precision to remove contaminants from water, wherein water is passed at high pressure through a semi-permeable membrane in order to remove unwanted mineral and ions from the water. Our reverse osmosis system is also illustrious as an RO system in the market and is flourishing all across for its ability to deliver truly purest water that is safe for human. The quality controlled manufacturing in accordance to the industry set standards has enabled us to obtain a truly versatile range of the reverse osmosis system that has the ability to deliver 100% drinkable water.

The high pressure pump is used to elevate the pressure on the salty side of the RO and impose the water across the semipermeable RO membrane, detaching salts behind in the reject stream. The sum of the pressure can be set as per the requirement through PLC control system introduced by the RO system, promoting easy water purification. This reverse osmosis system has become a part of thousands of lives to obtain drinkable water at the lowest power consumption and low cost, which does not need any extra care and maintenance during the lifespan. However, changing of membrane is required after certain years of distance. With an affluence of the cutting edge technology and years of expertise, we have made this reverse osmosis system available in far reaching sizes.

Commercial Reverse Osmosis System

Salient features of Reverse Osmosis System:

  • Purifies water with the utmost precision
  • Demineralize and deionize water
  • Pressure is easy to regulate
  • The SS material construction prevents corrosion
  • Requires low power and maintenance
  • Suitable for domestic water purification
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