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Diesel Exhaust Fluid Plant

DEF Making Machine | Ad Blue Making Plant

A smart choice for the vehicle and environment.

AdBlue®, a product sometimes referred to as AUS32 solution or D.E.F Diesel Exhaust Fluid in India, is a registered trademark of a business in the Germany Association of the Automobile Industry. We are the top manufacturer of adblue® producing machines in India as well as a major supplier of these machines elsewhere. In other nations, we have successfully installed adblue manufacturing equipment. All of the parts for our adblue manufacturing equipment are original and made in India.

We provide a variety of add-ons and specialised production capacities for adblue manufacturing machines in our bespoke solutions. Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) Plant is manufactured by Shree Aditya utilising a self-contained method. Because it is not created by dissolving urea tablets, it is less likely to deteriorate during storage, shipping, and filling than AdBlue. The shelf life of DEF by Shree Aditya is unaffected by storage temperatures between -11 °C and 25 °C. We provide DEF making machine and Ad Blue making Plants in a variety of container sizes, including 10-litre bottles for top-up, 26-liter bottles, 210-liter bottles, bulk storage with dispensers for big fleets, and bulk packaging solutions to meet all needs. It is a highly pure, colourless liquid called adblue making plant. Technical grade urea and clean (deionized) water are also present. Diesel engines equipped with SCR technology utilize AdBlue.

It is also known as Diesel Exhaust Fluid Plant, AUS32 Solution and DEF Making Machine further classified as non- hazardous product and mostly used by Diesel vehicle equipped with SCR technology. Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) is immediately injected into the exhaust stream by the SCR system. It interacts with the nitrous oxides produced when the diesel is burned in the catalytic converter to produce non-hazardous, naturally occurring nitrogen and water. Adblue Making Plant by Shree Aditya's exceptional purity ensures that it neither harms nor shortens the lifespan of the SCR system.

Diesel Exhaust Fluid can be deployed in variety of diesel engines that feature SCR technology in BS IV / EURO 4 compliant engines - including those in buses, trucks, ships, cars, stationary and mobile power plants, mining, construction and agricultural vehicles.

Diesel Exhaust Fluid Plant manufacturers

Advantages of DEF (Diesel Exhaust Fluid)

  • It reduces fuel consumption
  • It Reduces Exhaust Emissions 
  • Its environment friendly
  • It is delivered in Liquid Form
  • It has long Shelf Life 
  • It helps vehicles meet the latest emission standards
  • It protects SCR Systems