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Commercial Reverse Osmosis Plant

The need for the salt, metal, chemical free water is essential while used at the commercial level and to achieve so, we present the superior quality commercial reverse osmosis plant, also prominent as commercial RO plant in the market. The water purification process of this RO plant is based upon the reverse osmosis, wherein the water is passed through a membrane in order to procure the purified water. During the process, the water undergoes different phases, including pre treatment process, high pressure pump, membrane assembly, re mineralization, pH regulation and disinfection. The design of this commercial reverse osmosis plant is as per the international quality standards and hence superior alternative for making the water free from the different impurities (chemical, gas, acid, salt, metal) and makes the water truly suitable for the different commercial functions.

This commercial reverse osmosis plant is fabricated from the 316 stainless steel material in order to convey excellent sturdiness and resistance against corrosion and abrasion and therefore is extensively demanded in the food industry, car washing, hydrogen production, wastewater purification and other commercial level application to purify water to the farthest. The reverse osmosis process is executed automatically (PLC control) that ultimately elevated the water purification capacity and reduces the manned requirement to operate the system and hence is an affordable way to purify water at a commercial level, which one can avail in the assorted dimensions as per end user requirement.

Salient features of Commercial Reverse Osmosis Plant:

  • Affordable approach to deeply purify water
  • Reduces the scale formation at a significant level
  • Requires less maintenance during the operational life
  • PLC control system increases efficiency
  • Does not corrode, even after a longer period of time
  • Efficient to accomplish a large amount of water purification
  • Meets all the international quality standards
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