Wastewater Treatment Plant

Shree Aditya Water Engineering, outstanding Wastewater Treatment Plant Company in Ahmedabad- Gujarat, well-recognized manufacturer of top-class machines like Compact Sewage Treatment Plant, Compact Effluent Treatment Plant that treats wastewater for further beneficial uses all over the industry and give it back to nature by safeguarding natural resources.

Wastewater Treatment Plant Manufacturers

With the help of this treatment plant contaminants, human-waste, micro-organisms from wastewater are removed which are released from manufacturing industries and from residential societies. Moreover the wastewater mainly consists of human waste, kitchen waste, industrial waste when released into the drain will pollute the water bodies as well as impact natural resources. Moreover the machines which are used for Waste Water Treatment Plant comes under diverse capacity variants according to the customers need. The capacity of the machines goes from 3 KLD to 100 MLD maximum.

Wastewater treatment plant
Wastewater treatment plant recognized as Utility of the Future Today

Wastewater Treatment Plants at Best Price

While manufacturing the treatment plant we are using the latest technology machinery, due to which the work is done smoothly. We are one of the best-growing water and wastewater treatment plant manufacturing company in India offering the service at best price compared to other competitors. The company has its own Commercial and industrial RO plants and even engaged in offering effluent treatment plant, sewage treatment plant, demineralization plant, softeners, wastewater treatment plants, drinking plants etc. We provide environment friendly Wastewater Treatment Plants. We produce our material under a strict supervision and using high graded materials with the use of superlative innovative technology. Owing to this, the offered range is known to have a superior performance, service life and precision. Further, for client satisfaction, the offered range is marked at the most reasonable rate possible. We are also providing Installation Services to our clients.

Industrial Wastewater Treatment Plant Suppliers

Shree Aditya is standard brand name in the industrial market as a leading supplier of Industrial Wastewater Treatment Plant. The offered Industrial Wastewater Treatment Plant process varies from industry to industry and hence the treatment process to be selected based on the specific characteristics of waste and load of pollutants. CETPs – Common Effluent Treatment Plants are well-known as one of the most referred solution for small to medium enterprises for most efficient wastewater treatment. We are offering our wastewater solutions for Municipal Wastewater Plant, Oil & Gas Industries, Metal & Mining, Pharmaceutical Industries, Pulp & Paper, Textile Industries, Thermal Power Plant, Leather industry, Dairy, Distilleries, paints and dyes, detergents, Food & Beverage, etc. 
Most common and cost effective treatment process of Industrial Wastewater Treatment

Recognized brand - Shree Aditya's waste water treatment plant is back in operation
  • Physico – chemical treatment
  • Aerobic biological treatment
  • Anaerobic biological treatment
  • Membrane bio reactor
  • Ultra filtration system
  • Ceramic membrane filtration
  • Zero liquid discharge treatment plant
Wastewater Treatment Plant earns national recognition - Shree Aditya working on it

Benefits of Industrial | Commercial | Wastewater Treatment Plant in India

  • Saves ‘ n ’ litres of water
  • Operation cost & maintenance cost is low
  • Sludge formation as bi-product is used as compost or manure
  • Decreases ground level water pollution 
  • Ease in assembly as the machine is compact 
  • Best quality at the best price (Value for money)

Technologies Used while manufacturing the Wastewater Treatment Plant

  • ASP : Activated Sludge Process
  • MBBR : Moving Bed Bio reactor
  • SAFF : Submerged aerated Fixed Film
  • SBR : Sequential Bioreactor
  • MBR : Membrane Bio Reactor

Domestic Market:

Our customers flourished across India can avail the wastewater treatment plant at best price - Ahmedabad, Chennai, Karnataka, Coimbatore, Pune, Kerala, Mumbai, Jaipur, Nagpur, Mangalore, Raigarh, Madhya Pradesh, Gwalior, Jabalpur

International Market:

We are exporting our products to Sri Lanka, Nigeria, Bangladesh, Afghanistan, Indonesia, Malawi, Uganda, Kenya, Philippines, Zambia, Tanzania, Singapore, UAE, Togo, Myanmar, Dubai, Bhutan etc.

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